One Sheet

One-sheets are the standard American movie poster size, what you would see displayed outside of cinemas in the US and sometimes in the UK too. Most of the film posters we sell are US one-sheets and this continues to be the most widely collected movie poster type. From 1896 until approximately 1990, almost all actual cinema-used one-sheets measured 27" x 41" (68.6 cm x 104.1 cm).

Nowadays most measure 27" x 40" (68.6 cm x 101.6 cm). Up until about 1980 the vast majority of one-sheets were folded twice horizontally and once vertically (this is in no way considered a defect). Sometime during the late '70s, studios began printing one-sheets rolled. Most one-sheets after the mid-1980s are printed unfolded, though it is still possible to find some newer posters folded. All of the one-sheets being sold by Flicks Film Posters are original, vintage, cinema-used one-sheets